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Phil Manning appears with Chris Finnen on Saturday August 3rd at 2.00pm on the Marsh Mezzanine Stage

Phil will also appear in a Meet The Players session Sunday August 4th at 1.30pm Cafe Corner, ground floor


Phil Manning must be one of the most underrated musicians in Australian music history. Along with his band mates from Chain and other legendary Australian acts like Dutch Tilders, Carson, The Foreday Riders, and The Aztecs to name a few, they pioneered an Antipodean form of the blues which carries on today through a new generation of blues aficionados.

As a founding member of Chain, one of Australia’s best known blues bands, Manning has been equally successful as a soloist and sideman for a lengthy list of artists including Bo Diddley, Champion Jack Dupree, Mick Taylor, Kristina Olsen, and Guitar Shorty.

Over the last few decades, Phil’s musical tastes have broadened to include folk, celtic and world music flavours in his music, with a leaning toward acoustic guitar. The Melbourne Guitar Show is honoured to include Phil as one of the featured performers this year.

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