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About the Exhibitor:
Sound & Music specializes in distributing high quality professional audio products throughout Australia and New Zealand. Representing some of the finest manufacturers from around the world and offering a wide range of leading audio and music products, Sound & Music’s Distribution Network is the dealers’ choice for product selection, information and innovation.

MSF Highlights:
We will be launching our distribution of Buchla electronic musical instruments and we will showcase some the iconic Buchla synth gear including the Music Easel. We will also be featuring IK Multimedia’s UNO Synth true analog synthesizer and it’s editor software along with keyboard controllers from IK Multimedia and Nektar.

Hung To, Audiologist from Alpha Hearing will be promoting a greater awareness about hearing loss and hearing protection. In an industry where participants are constantly exposed to loud sounds, it is imperative they think about and be aware of the impact this may have on their hearing. Anyone interested in knowing more about hearing, hearing loss or how to protect their hearing, come and have a chat to Hung.

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