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About the Exhibitor:
Beginning with our release of the SY-1 in 1974, Yamaha’s rich history of development and production of synthesizers has now reached the 44-year milestone. As a musical instrument that lets you create exciting new sounds and express yourself freely, the synthesizer has been at the cutting edge of electronic music making ever since it first arrived on the scene. What’s more, the technologies perfected in order to make this instrument a reality are now being put to use in all kinds of audio-related devices, and we can rightly say that the synth truly embodies the evolution of modern music.

MSF Highlights: Stands #16 – 18
We will have all the latest new products on display for you to check out at the 2018 Melbourne Synth Festival! Come down to see the full range of stage pianos and synthesizers, including the new MODX series. We will also have some great in-depth product sessions featuring artists from our local roster, exciting competitions and giveaways.

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