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Gosh darn it, the Darebin Music Feast (Oct 27-Nov 6) is offering up some fabulously fun experiences over its 11 day duration. Apart from gigs and parties, you might even learn a thing or two! Take the SHOP TALK  ‘Ready to Record – What is Pre-Production?’ session on November 3rd for example. In this FREE 2 hour event, established producer and studio owner Fraser Montgomery (the Aviary Creative Hub), will work with local act Dear Matilda in a 2-hour session on musical pre-production. Together they’ll pull apart Dear Matilda’s song forms, arrangements and performance, transforming their tunes from live performances into polished, studio ready gems. You’ll leave knowing what it is that a producer does, and why pre-production is a vital step for your band before you hit record. Ahead of the session Fraser has kindly offered a preview of what’s to come with 5 great recording tips.

5 things to consider before you hit record

1. Are your songs ready?
Everyone is eager to record, but sometimes we are not quite as prepared as we think we are. Have you played your songs to other people? Friends? Family? Are your lyrics complete? Does it have a strong melody? A hook or catchy element people will remember? Ask whomever you are recording with to listen to your songs and see if they have any suggestions. If your song is strong and contains great ideas then recording will be much easier, and fun.

2. Record a Demo
Recording a “demo” is a very important part of the process and can often be forgotten when starting out. A demo is essentially a rough version of the songs. It gives you a chance to record the songs and listen back to it. This can often be very revealing in itself. How often have you heard yourself recorded? Do you sound how you think you sound? A demo can be you singing into a phone, or recording a rehearsal. You can also use basic programs like Garageband, which can allow you to record different instruments, and try out different ideas. If you have access to a program like this, I highly recommend giving it a go! Any demo should be sent to people to get feedback, such as those who you will be working with.

3. Where to Record
There are so many options when it comes to finding a place to record. The studio you choose to record at will depend on location, cost and the people you chose to work with. Do your research online and check out studios in your area. Better still, talk to anyone you know who has recorded before and ask them of their experiences. Often the best studios are known by word of mouth! Every studio has a different feel to it. If you see one you like, ask the owners for a tour and get a feel for the place and the people. You can often tell quickly if it is a place that will make you feel comfortable and creative, the most important part!

4. What is a Producer? Do I need a producer?
What is a producer? Essentially a producer is there to help you achieve the vision you have for your music, and guide you through the process of making a recording. A producer is valuable at all levels of recording. They can help you determine a budget, pick a studio, help with your songs and ultimately become an extra band member until the recording is finished. Producers have different methods and processes, so it is good to chose one that fits with your music and style. It is also really important to find someone who you get along with and are willing to spend long hours with in the studio!

5. Get ready to have fun!
Getting into the studio for the first may seem like a daunting process. Singing your songs into an expensive microphone in front of people you may not know can be an overwhelming situation. The only advice I have is to just relax and have fun! It requires seriously hard work at times, but don’t take it too seriously! If you are enjoying yourselves, then that will come across in the music. This should be an amazing lifetime experience, not a hard one. This also means choosing the right studio and people to work with are essential. If your first experience isn’t like this, then change something and try again. Every day in the studio should be a fun day!

Ready to Record – What is Pre-Production?
Thursday 3 November @ 4pm – 6pm
Decibels Youth Music Centre (First Floor )
Reservoir Community and Learning Centre – 23 Edwardes Street, Reservoir


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