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The Association of Artist Managers (AAM) is thrilled to announce the return of their flagship mentoring and professional development program, Co-Pilot. Co-Pilot 2022 is delivered in partnership with Spotify, and for the first time, will be open to artist managers from Aotearoa, thanks to the support of MMF Aotearoa.

Emerging and developing music managers play a critical role in the Australian and Aotearoa music landscape. Often at the forefront of discovery, experimentation and development, they are a vital part of the future of Australian/Aotearoa music. However, an ever-evolving industry landscape, economies of scale and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic means that emerging and developing managers face a series of challenges when facing critical career turning points.

To ensure a robust and healthy Australia/Aotearoa management industry now and into the future, emerging and developing managers who are approaching career turning points must be supported now, as they pivot, update and re-future their businesses and those of their artists.

Delivered in partnership with Spotify and MMF Aotearoa, the AAM’s 2022 Co-Pilot Program is a mentoring program that delivers tailored professional development and community connection for program participants. The AAM are thrilled to be expanding this program to include 2 artist managers from Aotearoa for the first time. With Spotify and MMF Aotearoa’s help, 12 emerging and developing managers from Australia (10 participants) and Aotearoa (2 participants) will participate in; a 4-month mentorship with an established manager; an in-person introductory workshop day at Spotify HQ in Sydney; a one-on-one session with Spotify; and a series of virtual professional development workshops – in the process, participants will learn how to re-future their business models to the evolving music industry landscape, with a Spotify strategy being key to those plans. Participants will also receive a $2000 bursary upon completion of the program.

Applications are now open to AAM and MMF Aotearoa members.

For further information and to apply, please visit:

AAM Members:

MMF Aotearoa members:

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