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The T10S is a powerful yet compact active subwoofer, designed to extend the bass response of any nearfield studio monitor. However, the subwoofer’s performance, features and connectivity are engineered specifically to complement ADAM Audio’s T5V and T7V speakers.

Equipped with a down-firing 10 ̋ woofer and a 130 W Class-D amplifier, the T10S’ frequency response ranges from 28 Hz to 120 Hz and offers an impressive max. SPL of 104 dB. An internal adjustable two-channel crossover allows calibration of the bass signal and provides optimal performance of the total system. The options at the rear of the subwoofer allow for varied adjustments which compensate for room acoustics or they offer more control for satellites attached.

While reciting the T Series design language, the T10S is one of the most compact subwoofers in its class, which allows it to be easily integrated in any studio environment. The acoustic performance was optimised by four high grade flexible rubber feet that prevent the sound from exciting the floor and a spacious rear facing bass reflex port for an optimised airflow.

” … if you’re looking for something to make movie earthquakes sound more convincing, you could do a lot worse than buy one to go with your TV sound system, as it costs less than many technically inferior consumer systems,” said Sound on Sound magazine of the T10S.

“Bringing a subwoofer like Adam’s into your monitoring setup can be a revelation.” – Future Music

Features include:

• RCA & Balanced XLR ins/outs
• Footswitch bypass option to disengage Sub
• 180 Phase Switch
• Crossover Switchable: 80/120/Off


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