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High quality sound at an affordable cost is a sales line you often hear in the audio business but sometimes the talk doesn’t match the walk. However,  the sheer weight of numbers in positive feedback to Adam Audio’s T Series powered monitors would suggest that they could legitimately use that phrase with great pride and enthusiasm.

“The new flagship of ADAM’s T‑series offers serious bass extension even for those with limited budgets,”  said Sound on Sound of the Adam Audio TV8 model monitors. “Even the most expensive monitors involve compromise, but in the more pragmatic and cost-sensitive world of home studios, the T8Vs do a solid job at an attractive price.”

Tape Op were similarly impressed. “If you want to be inspired and emotionally pulled into the mix landscape, the T8Vs are a great introduction to the wonderful world ribbon technology that I would highly recommend.”

“Sonically, the T8Vs are a beautiful balance of accuracy and fun. The U-ART ribbon tweeters are a delight to listen to” and “They’re a fabulous monitor with a desirable combination of transparency, detail, punch and precision. A five year warranty sweetens the deal for any purchase,” are a couple of lines from Audio Technology’s favourable review of the T8V’s.

The T Series is ADAM Audio’s range of affordable, professional 2-way powered studio monitors, offering extremely high performance and is comprised of three models: the T5V, the T7V  and the all new T8V (using a 5″, 7″ and 8″ woofer respectively).

All models use the same U-ART high-frequency driver (Unique Accelerated Ribbon Tweeter); feature a beveled cabinet design, rear-firing bass reflex port, built-in DSP-controlled driver crossovers and equalization, and multi-way analog connections.

Their wide frequency response, high dynamic range, excellent transient response and wide sweet spot make these monitors perfectly suited for use in small control rooms for music production, video post-production and radio broadcast. The performance, features and connectivity of the ADAM Audio T10S subwoofer are engineered specifically to complement ADAM Audio’s T5V and T7V speakers. Due to its attractive price point, the T Series monitors allow the user to do great work on a modest budget.

Leading the way in Adam Audio’s T series range is the T8V,  a professional 2-way powered studio monitor with an 8 ̋ woofer and ADAM Audio’s latest addition to the T Series. Designed around the same technology, features and build quality as its smaller siblings, the T8V provides best-in-class characteristics and sound performance.

The T8V impresses with a multitude of features that bring real benefits to the user: The U-ART tweeter’s 4:1 velocity transfer ratio, in combination with the new Class D amplifiers’ high dynamic range, yield respective max. peak SPL of 118 dB per pair. The tweeter, which extends up to 25 kHz, works as a team with the HPS Waveguide. This allows an optimal radiation of the high frequencies, which means the advantage of a more controlled, larger usable sweet spot during monitoring. With a bass extension down to 33 Hz, the T8V is especially suitable for users who produce bass-heavy music.

The T8V is the perfect studio speaker for those who have always wanted to work with an 8“ monitor from ADAM Audio, but where budgets have been insufficient. The 5-year warranty gives users additional security and the certainty of having purchased a quality product.

 Technical Data:
•New U-ART 1.9” Accelerated Ribbon Tweeter on HPS Waveguide
•New polypropylene 8” woofer and rear-firing bass-reflex port
•Max. peak SPL at 1 m per pair: 118 dB
•Built-in Amplifiers: 2 x Class-D
•Amplifier Power U-ART Tweeter: 20 W [RMS]
•Amplifier Power Woofer: 70 W [RMS]
•Frequency Response: 33 Hz – 25 kHz
•Crossover Frequency: 2.6 kHz
•Analog Inputs: XLR, RCA
•HxWxD:  400mm x 250mm x 335mm
•Weight: 9.8 kg [21.6 lbs]
•Warranty: 2 years plus 3 years upon product registration in the MyADAM user area

ADAM T series are priced as a pair.

ADAM T series are also stocked by these great dealers.


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