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The All Stars Choir in Melbourne’s east is a not for profit organisation that’s been helping people with physical, intellectual and multiple disabilities make music since 2003. 

Lead by an enthusiastic and talented group of volunteer musicians, the choir now has over 30 members who attend their weekly sessions in Bayswater. 

Renowned Australian Blues artist and premier endorsee for Cole Clark Guitars, Lloyd Spiegel has attended several performances in recent years and has now taken on the role of official patron to the choir. 

His primary role will be creating awareness of the All Stars program in the hope of attracting more members as well as performing with the choir and helping to raise funds and source music equipment. 

Lloyd recently attended the choir’s 2022 midyear concert and gave the following reflection.

“I think anyone who came along to a performance and saw how much fun the All Stars have would naturally want to be part of it. It reaffirms my belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to make music and I am in awe of the hard work and dedication Ian and the crew put in to create that experience for its members. Hopefully I can help shine a light on it and encourage others to join in, come listen or support them in other ways.”

For information on how to join the All Stars program as a member, supporter or sponsor, email or check out the Facebook page.

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