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warwick basses amps and rock n roll

The Amber MI team are super-excited to confirm their new partnership with Warwick.
Warwick GmbH & Co, the market leading manufacturer of Warwick basses, Framus Guitars and RockGear accessories has announced today an exciting new partnership with the highly regarded and respected Australian distributor Amber Technology. The agreement involves the distribution of Warwick basses, Framus electric guitars, Legacy acoustic guitars, RockBoard, RockBag and the RockGear range of accessories.

Warwick was founded in 1982 in Erlangen, in the German state of Bavaria, by Hans-Peter Wilfer. With its superior build quality and distinctive styling, Warwick rapidly rose to prominence as the instrument of choice for some of the worlds’ foremost bass players.
Warwick is now located in Markneukirchen in the Saxon Vogtland. The region’s centuries-old tradition of instrument building is reflected in the quality of both Warwick and Framus instruments today.

Warwick produces its instruments and amplifiers using carbon-neutral principles. The company purchases its wood from sustainable sources (certified by the Forest Stewardship Council) and produces all the electricity it needs through its own natural-gas-powered plant, solar roof-mounted facilities, wind power and a boiler fuelled by wood waste.

Commenting on the agreement, Florence Wilfer-Riboud, Import/Export Manager at Warwick GmbH & Co said “We are delighted to be partnering with Amber Technology for the distribution of our basses, guitars and accessories. We are set to increase our presence in the Australian marketplace.”
Peter Amos, Managing Director at Amber Technology added “Warwick is a progressive and innovative manufacturer with a big future and we’re proud to be able to use our proven expertise and experience in the MI sector to bring their products to the Australian market.”

Australian retailers should contact Amber Technology on 02 9998 7600 or email for information on pricing and availability.

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