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The Ampeg® SVT® is more than just a bass amp—it sparked a revolution. When it debuted in 1969, deafening walls of full-stack guitar amps were eating bass players alive. Knowing that big bass volume required big power, Ampeg designed the most sophisticated amp of its day: the 300-watt SVT. Finally, balance returned to the stage and with it a generation of iconic bass-forward music was born. That singular Ampeg spirt of innovation and ingenuity is alive and well in the Ampeg HeritageTM 50th Anniversary SVT bass amp. Designed to honour the unrivaled SVT legacy, the Heritage 50th Anniversary SVT distills the legendary amp’s most celebrated circuits into a single stage-ready head with a host of must-have modern technology and elegant vintage aesthetics. It truly is the SVT for the 21st century.

Overview and Sound Setting Examples

This is a full run down on the American made all tube Heritage 50th Anniversary SVT bass amp. Includes the original 1969 Preamp in channel one and the 1975 magnavox era preamp in channel two. In this video you will hear a variety of different sound settings including blends of channel one and two, both in context with a drummer and solo bass. A very comprehensive way to hear all this amp has to offer.

Ampeg Heritage 50th Anniversary SVT: Indepth EQ demo

This video was recorded with:
Yamaha BB-P34 VSB Passive Bass Made in Japan
Ampeg SVT-212AV speaker cabinet
Shure SM7b large diaphram and MK319 condenser into a Steinberg UR824

Ampeg distributed in Australia by Yamaha Music Australia

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