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Some of us out there reckon we have a book in us and many have used this isolation time to dabble in their lifelong literary ambitions. Others, like Australian concert promoter David Roy Williams are full of unfinished song business. Unlike most however, David has put his money where his mouth is and has come good with his threat.

Driven to distraction by being confronted by everybody in the world’s record collections and bored to death, DRW set himself his own challenge. Responsible for such tours as COWBOY JUNKEES, ZOOT, THE MONKEES, STEVE HACKETT, STEVEN WILSON, DEAD KENNEDYS, TWIN PEAKS, MACHINE HEAD and countless others (tickets on sale for some of these now at, Williams has a proclivity towards commencing recording his own songs, but never finishing them. There’s bugger-all else to do, so NOW IS THE TIME.

So, while juggling the rescheduling of tours from 2020 to 2021 (Cowboy Junkees & The Exploited (both Feb), Ben Watt (March), Osaka Monaurail & Steve Hackett (both May) Yes David, we’ll mention again that tix are available at, David has begun recording, and the first fruit of his labour is “Kayfabe” (featuring special guest lead guitarist Dick Taylor of The Pretty Things), now up on YouTube (with a lyric video courtesy of Ben Jackson), and streaming as soon as his distributor gets around to it.

Don’t believe the above? Here’s the proof (and it aint half bad!)

And here’s a second one!

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