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When British singer, songwriter, guitarist Jane Weaver releases Modern Kosmology on May 19, it will be her 6th solo studio album. Despite largely flying under the radar in Australia, Modern Kosmology may well see the talented psych folk artist emerge from the cracks and reach the wider audience her music so richly deserves.

For those that have followed her detailed career, Jane Weaver is progressive rock in its purest molecular form. Fossilised in ferric, the crystal in the concrete. Magnetic, melodic, folkloric, unapologetic and rhythmic in her discipline. Modern Kosmology is the result of a scientist of popular song gone rogue. Here we find a model student of second-hand Kraut-rock, female punk, hard-subbed new-wave, synthesiser skip-finds and unpronounceable worldly feminine pop who’s finally reached her eureka moment. From science to séance, Modern Kosmology sees Jane Weaver’s melodic-protagonist channeling new depths of creative cosmic energy within. After the huge critical acclaim of 2012’s Fallen By Watchbird, followed by 2015’s exploratory Silver Globe LP winning her unanimous “record of the year accolades” and hefty measures of radio play-listing Jane Weaver’s conceptual trajectory has sent her neo-kosmische penchants to the point of no-return. Flown too far from the nest into a wider vista where brave melodic feminine songwriting meets robust synthesis, brutalist composition and Letterist informed song-structure… this album, for many, might be the post-grad psychedelic pop album they never thought would happen.

Australian Musician is delighted to premiere this behind the scenes video of the making of Modern Kosmology, which is released on Fire Records on May 19.

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