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Back in October 2013, Australian Musician met up with Beyonce’s vibrant bass player Lauren Taneil, who gave us an exclusive backstage view of Beyonce’s Mrs Carter Show.

In our interview, Lauren or ‘LT’ as everyone calls her, told us about the band she formed with her two sisters called The GGs Band. With Beyonce off the road, Lauren has been able to dedicate more time to the GG’s and the girls have just released their first video for the new single, ‘On & On’. With ‘On & On’, Lauren, English and Chyna have created an impossibly infectious slice of funky pop which will instantly put a smile on your face and spontaneously add pep to your step. I defy anyone to hear it and not want to dance!

Check out the video below and revisit the Lauren Taneil Mrs Carter Show interview here.

Also visit the GGs Band Facebook page

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