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Beyond The Lake is an improvisational instrumental duo with Nick Delaney (Twelve Tone Diamonds/ LABJACD/ ToeHider) on guitar, bass and effects and Anita Quayle (Eddie Perfect/Melbourne Amplified Strings/Nat Bartsch) on electric cello and effects.

Anita & Nick are happy to present their second single ‘Mountain Peak’ live at Jazzlab, 27 Leslie St, Brunswick on Wednesday, 9th February. BOOKING LINK

‘Mountain Peak’ is the second single from Beyond The Lake’s forthcoming studio album ‘Coming Home’ which has so far garnered airplay on PBS, 3RRR, 4ZZZ, 2SER, ABC radio and SBS Chill.

Anita says “We are so grateful for the continued support from our online community, which began during these long lockdowns, and to our friends at Melbourne Musicians. We are thankful to the Australian radio stations around the country who have supported this new music, and we can’t wait to play it for you live at Jazzlab, to celebrate our community and our creative passions.

We will be announcing special guests and surprises for this gig in coming weeks, too. I hope you’re as excited to see us as we will be to see you live, and in person!”

About Anita Quayle and Nick Delaney – Beyond The Lake
Once upon a time in a land not far away, there was a musically adventurous and curious couple who made beautiful sounds together during lockdowns in Melbourne. They started to wander Beyond The Lake and became immersed in the detail, mystery and natural beauty they found there.

Cellist Anita Quayle’s and guitarist Nick Delaney’s travels took them to places unknown and they made ambient, soothing music that suited their Yoga and meditation practices and helped them and their audience relax and calmed them every evening.

The music they have created is auditory and almost tactile. Listeners feel it and hear it. It has a heart that beats.

Anita and Nick invite you to wander Beyond The Lake with them.


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