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Beyond the Lake are an instrumental duo, cellist Anita Quayle (Eddie Perfect/Melbourne Amplified Strings/Women of Soul) and bassist/guitarist Nick Delaney (Twelve Tone Diamonds/ToeHider/LABJACD). Together they create ethereal, dreamlike soundscapes to soothe the soul. Australian Musician followers may remember Anita as our Musician of the Month in April 2022.

Following on from the success of their debut studio produced album, ‘Coming Home’ (released in April 2022), Ambient neo classical project Beyond the Lake announce the release of their latest album ‘Transience’, featuring collaborations with some of Australia’s most creatively diverse and musical minds. Funded through Creative Victoria, this album is a testament to the power of collaboration and improvisation, and the beauty that resides there.

Featuring a total of six tracks, each exuding its own distinctive mood and atmosphere, “Transience” beautifully showcases the collective wealth of experience and musical expertise contributed by Parvyn Singh and Josh Bennett, Simon Mavin and Paul Bender (of Hiatus Kaiyote), drummer/percussionist David Jones, Xani Kolac, Cristian Barbieri, Alon Ilsar, and Carl Pannuzzo. Each artist brings to this project their own unique sound and improvisational approach, resulting in a lush sonic tapestrythat gracefully guides listeners on an enchanting yet delicate journey. The flawless fusion of neo-classical, traditional, and electronic elements creates a captivating musical experience that continues to unfold with every track.

According to Beyond the Lake, “Transience is a celebration of the present moment, a reminder to cherish the beauty and impermanence of life. Our aim for this album was to create something that would not only transport our listeners to a place of peace and tranquility, it was also a chance for us to collaborate with others, and do so differently. When 9 musicians choose to surrender to the transitory powers of improvisation, the pure joy that can be found there in any given moment when you simply listen and respond to the sounds being made around you, is quite something to experience indeed.”






Bandcamp: transience

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