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The Billy Hyde Music Super Store is here and it’s exactly what you’d expect it to be.

For more than fifty years, the Billy Hyde name has been synonymous with all facets of live music in Australia. It’s a story that borders on legendary, and this week saw the latest chapter in this musical instrument retailer written here in Melbourne with the unveiling of a brand new Super Store.

The new store in Nunawading, covers three levels, each housing a dedicated space for drums, guitars, and keyboards and tech, and boasts a super impressive range of musical instruments from all the world’s best brands. It’s a fitting continuation of the Billy Hyde brand that’s seen a who’s who of Aussie musicians pass through their doors at some point. Notably, this latest evolution has the official thumbs up from one of the original founders, Gary Hyde.

The industry opening last night (Thursday) ahead of the public opening next week (Wednesday Nov 13) attracted a select crowd of music industry notables as well as Gary Hyde himself, and entertainment legend Daryl Somers who regaled the crowd with stories of his own association with the business over the years. Somers, who was host of the iconic Australian TV show Hey Hey It’s Saturday took to the stage to pay tribute to the Billy Hyde brand, which was so intrinsically linked to his show. Somers gave many Australian musicians such great exposure on his show. Names that have passed through the Hey Hey It’s Saturday band include: Simon Patterson, Robyn Payne, Virgil Donati, Alex Pertout, Craig Newman, Darren Farrugia, Kellie Santin, and many others.

Daryl Somers & Gary Hyde at store launch

It turns out that Somers not only has a significant connection with the Hyde family, but also the Cleves family who are the new custodians of the brand. The Cleves family, originally from Mt Gambier in South Australia, have a similarly long history in the musical instrument business, with Hyde saying he’s confident the brand is now finally in good hands again.

Managing Director Michael Cleves said it was an exciting move for the Dale Cleves Music Group to take on the responsibility of delivering on the Billy Hyde promise Australians know and love.

“We spent a lot of time understanding what made the Billy Hyde brand great in the first place. Yes it’s about a great range of instruments at great value prices, but after speaking to all kinds of people who had their own memories and stories of the brand, we know that it’s actually about something more than that and something fundamentally simple: it’s about people who love music – whether they’re beginners, pros or anywhere in between. It’s about staff who love music, helping people who love music, get the gear they need” he explained.

Michael Cleves

“The brand has always had a unique culture, and over and above stocking a huge selection of gear, that’s what we want this new store to be famous for. If people love playing music, we’re confident they’re going to love this new store and what we’re all about.”

Cleves says taking on such a legendary moniker is not something they’ve taken lightly, but with a similar pedigree of decades in the musical instrument industry to draw upon, he’s hopeful the public will have the same affection for the new store, as they have for previous Billy Hyde Music stores over the years. If initial reaction at the industry opening is anything to go by, the Billy Hyde Music Super Store is certain to not only attract a lot of attention, but shake up the industry with its arrival.

“We know there’s going to be a lot of curiosity about what the new store will be like, and we’re pretty sure they won’t be disappointed” Cleves said.

“Even if people aren’t in the market for something new right now, we’d love them to come in, say hello, check out the store, and we think they’ll like what they see. Including the nod we’ve given to Billy himself with some of the specially designed store signage.”

The store is not only an excellent musical instrument retail environment for customers, but a fitting tribute to both the man himself and the family who have done so much for live music in Australia.

The launch last night was well attended by representatives of all of the major gear brands, many who flew in from interstate to give the store a huge thumbs up.

The new Billy Hyde Super Store opens at 242 Whitehorse Rd, Nunawading on Wednesday 13th of November.

Industry gathers at BHM


Michael Cleves, Gary Hyde, Dale Cleves


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