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Black-Cab-–-Sexy-PolizeiThe City of Yarra in Melbourne presents it’s second annual Leaps and Bounds Festival from July 4-20.
Stretching from the largest venue (The Corner Hotel, Richmond) to the smallest (Longplay in North Fitzroy), the festival will feature the return of popular events such as Bruce Milne’s Bus Tours, the Copacabana afternoon shows, Music Victoria and The Push workshops and Smith Street Dreaming.
New to the festival this year will be special events at the town halls within Yarra – Mikelangelo will perform his Balkan Elvis show to celebrate the re-opening of the Collingwood Town Hall and Marlon Williams will play a special show at The Fitzroy Town Hall.
A Living Legends series of shows will pay tribute to artists whose work is so iconic and influential within Yarra.
Bakehouse Studios will have an open day and a special outside concert during the festival – the first time the rehearsal and recording studios will be open to the public.
Due to a change in legislation, the first all ages show in a licensed venue will also be happening as a part of Leaps and Bounds at new venue The Gasometer.

One event not to miss is WINTERBOUND, an all-day event presented by Premier Artists,featuring some of Melbourne’s most loved acts. Spearheaded by electro heavy-weights, Black Cab who will play a rare show whilst they put the finishing touches on their long anticipated fourth album, plus the subliminal beauty of The Orbweavers as well as Jimmy Tait, The Spinning Rooms, Early Woman, no-wave new kids on the block, The Infants, DUET (featuring Harry Howard & Edwina Preston) and Matt Bailey with in-between bands soundtrack provided by DJ Frankie Teardrop.

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