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Local producer Camikaze has dropped a tidy radio edit of title track ‘Thousands’, featuring New Zealand up-and-comer Maya Payne, from his debut EP which was released in late October.

If you have heard Camikaze’s debut release, you’ll know Camikaze doesn’t play by the rules! Obliterating genres and minds, Camikaze gives the world another taste of his crazy-twisted world, employing the help of Maya Payne’s powerful and ever-so-angsty vocals on ‘Thousands’. Soaring in and out of intense loops and synthesized drops, the single creates a soundtrack for running through alternate dimensions on a quest for beauty, rawness and honesty – the three foundations of Camikaze’s work.

Camikaze explains the initial concept & lyrics for the single:
“From what I can remember it’s not really about anything in particular, I just imagine a pretty view of a city skyline & added two people into the equation. I really like the uplifting & almost loose airy feeling it gives, it makes me feel good.”

2016 started in full throttle, with Camikaze dropping his beautifully emotive debut single ‘Shadows (feat. Zoe A’dore)’, which, following a premiere by YouTube channel MrSuicideSheep, clocked up a whopping 100k plays in less than 24 hours of going live. Following on from his debut single, Camikaze released his debut EP Thousands, premiering earlier this month on The Music. The EP gained local and international pick-up from tastemakers Pilerats, EDM Monsters and, as well as lead single ‘This Burden’ being added to high-rotation on triple j Unearthed.

Camikaze dives head first into the current wave of electronic music with a distinctly beautiful, eclectic and empowering futuristic soundscape. Harnessing incredibly emotive and lyrically engaging vocals, that drift through carefully crafted percussive loops and dreamy synthesized melodies… the long journey for Camikaze has only just begun.

You can purchase Thousands here

Check out Camikaze’s social media links here

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