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Charvel® this week announced the launch of the fourth iteration of the Satchel Signature Pro-Mod DK22 HH FR M, available in an all-new rare Satin White Bengal striped finish. ​​Satchel, the guitarist of glam metal band Steel Panther, collaborated with Charvel on a signature model that sports a throwback ‘80s standout wild pattern with high-performance appointments and multi-voiced pickups catering to today’s modern heavy metal shredders.

“This is the ultimate heavy metal guitar,” said Satchel. “I love the duality and how it supports all of my playing needs. It sounds amazing live and very rarely goes out of tune even with my high-energy on stage performances but also sounds killer in the studio. The ‘80s had some of the coolest looking guitars of any generation, including a lot of animal print and this striped Bengal pattern always really caught my eye. If you’re in the back row at a show, it just stands out!”

Despite his comedic chops while performing in Steel Panther, the Guitar Institute Technology grad and instructor is a serious shredder with an innate passion for the instrument and long-held affinity for Charvel guitars. “As a kid, some of my favourite heavy metal guitar players were playing Charvels,” added Satchel. “They looked awesome. Playing my Charvels, the necks always feel so great. They play smooth as butter.”

“Steel Panther has been dedicated to honouring the impact ‘80s heavy metal has had on music culture,” said Jon Romanowski, VP Category Management Charvel. “Satchel is an innovative and ferocious player – we could not be more excited to introduce this new colour and continue our long-standing collaboration with such a talent.”

Satchel Signature Pro-Mod DK22 HH FR M, Maple Fingerboard, Satin White Bengal ($3299.00 AUD) The Satchel Signature Pro-Mod DK22 has an alder Dinky™ body  with sharper-radius top edges and rare Satin White Bengal finish. Of special note are the two Fishman Fluence Classic humbucking pickups topped with black/white bobbins, which share a single volume control knob with special push/pull dual voice activation. Using this control, the PRF-CHB neck pickup delivers ideal, but elusive, vintage PAF humbucking neck pickup tone with just the right dynamics and output (voice one), or a Fluence-exclusive neck tone with clear and airy chime, unreal high end, highly vocal midrange and tight lows (voice two). Similarly, the PRF-CHB bridge pickup delivers ideal vintage PAF humbucking tone calibrated for perfect output (voice one), or quintessential hot-rodded humbucking bridge tone without all the baggage (voice two). A Floyd Rose 1000 Series double-locking tremolo bridge keeps this axe in tune throughout Satchel’s over the top stage theatrics.

Watch Satchel discuss and demo some of the key features of his new model below.

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