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Dead Men Walking is just one of many projects ex-Stray Cats drummer Slim Jim Phantom involves himself with.  The band usually includes Slim, Captain Sensible (The Damned), Mike Peters (The Alarm) and a selection of guests have appeared with the band over the years such as Lemmy, Brian Setzer, Billy Duffy and Mick Jones. Dead Men Walkiing just did some dates in LA over the weekend and the band included the Living End’s Chris Cheney. The band’s Sunday night Troubadour gig also included Portlandia’s Fred Armisen. “I was asked by these two people that I kind of know, one of them is Captain Sensible [of The Damned], who I’m huge a fan of. He’s a real hero of mine. They told me about a show they might do together, and it was all very loose — they might do one in Portland, they might do one here. When it all came down to it, they settled on just one show at the Troubadour,” Fred told LA Weekly about how he became involved.

Chris Cheney now resides in LA and is working on his solo album. Slim Jim told Australian Musician back in June while touring Australia that he would be catching up with Cheney upon return to the USA. Now we know why. Here’s a clip of the band doing ‘Rumble In Brighton’ from Friday night at Alex’s Bar. Here’s the Slim Jim interview from June

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