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asylumseekalbumAssembled from a selection of 25 artists hailing from all corners of the Australian continent, ‘Christmas Benefit 2014’ comprises previously unreleased and exclusive material as written and recorded by some of the country’s better and lesser-known song craft-persons. Sitting at a playing time
of just over one and one half hours, the album is all at once an engaging and rewarding sample of the diverse talent, which seethes and prospers beneath the more prominent commercial face of Australia’s musical landscape. A full list of contributors can be found below.

The album is available only as a download now and sales close at 11:59pm Christmas night (Melbourne time). All proceeds from the album go directly to Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. Since 2001 the ASRC has grown to be Australia’s largest asylum seeker organisation. With 32 paid staff and nearly 750 volunteers delivering services to over 1,200 asylum seekers at any one time through programs such as material aid, health, legal, counselling,
casework and foodbank. In its first 9 years the ASRC has assisted over 7000 people seeking asylum, provided more than 1 million hours of free help and turned no one in need away. All of this has been achieved with almost no government funding and more than 95% of our funding coming solely from the community and philanthropy. The ASRC does it all – from direct aid, welfare and medical care, to strengthening families and communities through community development, to campaigning for social change.

The album can be purchased here. Minimum donation is just $5 but feel free to pay more for the cause.

Artists featured on the album include: –
The Royal Baccarats
Dan Flynn
Roller One
Crystal Thomas
Danny Walsh
Steve Lucas
Rich Davies
Damon Smith
Saskia Sansom
Suzie Stapleton
Van Walker
SS.Sebastian (feat. Lisa Crawley)
Jimmy Tait
Lonely Stretch
Sean McMahon
Fee Brown
Tom Woodward (feat. Nausea)
Slow Galo
I Heart Cusack
Hugh McGinlay and the Recessive Genes
Dane Tucquet
Andrew Keese and the Associates
Lindsay Phillips

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