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The Corner Hotel is excited to announce the shortlist for the 2018 Corner Award. A small group of industry experts came together earlier in the year to compile a longlist of artists kicking goals and representing the unique contributions that contemporary artists are making to a broad spectrum of genres across the country.
The Corner Award was launched in 2016 as a way to celebrate great Australian artists who are breaking the mould and doing exciting things with their music. The Corner is now proud to unveil the seven artists that they’ve deemed to be going above and beyond!

The Corner Hotel are committed to supporting those who dedicate themselves to their musical pursuits and this year, the recipient of The Corner Award will receive:

– A headline show at the Corner Hotel (with production & promotion covered by the venue and all ticket monies to go to the winner)
–  Pressing of 150 copies a limited edition 7” vinyl single
– A cash cheque of $2000 from the Corner
– Pre-production time at Bakehouse Studios prior to the show
– $1000 towards artwork costs from Mushroom Publishing
–  2 week poster run from Plakkit
– Full page advertising package from Beat
– 50 free t-shirts from SoundMerch of their own design

Contenders this year include:
Amyl & The Sniffers
Baker Boy
G Flip
Kardajala Kirridarra
Willaris. K

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