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image2Melbourne-based singer Dean Ray, who was discovered on the X-Factor and has gone on to develop a successful recording and touring career, has recently been the victim of theft. Stolen from Dean’s house were his much loved guitars, including a rare cherry red J-180 acoustic, a ’79 Fender Strat, a hollow-body Les Paul and more (guitars listed below). If anyone sees or hears about these guitars, contact police, Dean via his Facebook page or his manager Ralph Carr (

Stolen guitars:

Red Gibson Acoustic
J-180 Cherry
This is guitar is the only one in Australia. It is famous and has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people around the world from concerts to TV and radio appearances.

The case was taken also. A unique leather DEAN strap inside
Belt buckle scratches on the back.

Fender Stratocaster
Natural finish. Phil Emmanuel signature on front near volume controls.
Black plastic cover on back with the names Chris and Dean scratched into in.
Case not stolen

Hollow body Gibson Les Paul
Heavy belt buckle marks on the back.
Guitar visibly filled with black foam.
No serial as the check card was stolen also.
Case not stolen.

Fender Telecaster
Heavily road worn. White guitar with an American quarter imbedded below the volume controls
An Anzac Day badge pinned to the headstock.

Jerry Jones
This guitar is unique. Again the only one of its kind in the country.
Serial number probably inside the guitar.
This guitar and brand is extremely rare.

Ibanez road star 2 bass
Natural finish with black scratch plate.
Belt buckle markings on the back.

Stella acoustic.
No serial. No distinct markings

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