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Currently on a launch tour of drum stores around Australia is DW Drum’s First-of-its-kind wireless acoustic-electronic convertible drum set DWe®.

DWe introduces drummers to an entirely new creative canvas designed to inspire unique forms of creative expression and artistry. DW has always believed that if you give an artist a new tool, that artist will create like never before. 

Combining the versatility of acoustic and electronic drums will enable you, the drummer, to elevate your craft and be the most dynamic, creative player you can be. Premium sounds, an intuitive playing experience, and the incredible versatility of convertible wireless drums deliver unlimited opportunities to make your sound your own.

By easily converting your drums from acoustic to electronic, and back to acoustic – or creating a hybrid kit of acoustic drums mixed with electronic drums – you will have access to an expanded toolkit for your playing. DWe allows you to fine tune your sound without compromising feel, playability, sound quality, or stage presence.

Already attendees at Melbourne’s Drumtek have enjoyed a fabulous night with a performance by Gerry Pantazis.

Dates to follow include:
Billy Hydes Nunawading, Melbourne Wed April 30th at 7pm
Just Percussion in Brisbane Tues 30th  7pm
Mega Music Perth May 6th 7pm

Entry is free entry with a performance through a P.A and the possibility to ty the kit up close

Read more about DWe here

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