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The DW 50th Anniversary 6-piece kit was handcrafted in DW’s California custom shop, wrapped in rare, quilted maple and fitted with inlaid rosewood badges and bands. Antique gold hardware ensures these drums are worthy of an anniversary.

A Lifetime of Inspiration
Inspired by John Good’s memories of growing up in Northern Italy, the DW Collector’s Series 50th Anniversary Limited-Edition 6-Piece Shell Pack matches persimmon and spruce, two of the woods that stimulated his lifelong passion for crafting the perfect sound. Only 100 of these kits will be produced and each includes a certificate of authenticity signed by John Good and Don Lombardi.

Meticulously Constructed
The drums are constructed from a combination of persimmon, a hard-tone wood similar to purpleheart that produces thick attack and projection, combined with spruce that boosts warmth and tonality. Hardware and cymbals sold separately.

This shell pack includes 8 x 10” and 9 x 12” mounted toms, 12 x 14” and 14 x 16” floor toms, an 18 x 22” kick drum, and a 6.5 x 14” snare.

Handcrafted and Harmonious
These HVLT™ shells are handcrafted in our California custom shop, featuring a veneer of rare, quilted maple and fitted with inlaid maple and rosewood 50th Anniversary badges and bands.

These drums are finished in a burnt toast burst lacquer and equipped with antique gold hardware.

• Hybrid persimmon-spruce HVLT™ shells
• Quilted maple outer veneer
• Maple and rosewood inlays
• Burnt toast burst lacquer finish
• Antique gold hardware

DW distributed in Australia by D’Addario Australia

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