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Drum Workshop Inc. (DW) is extending its range of custom Collector’s Series®  snare drums with the introduction of the Ultralight Edge™ snare. Super lightweight, it is crafted from Space Carbon™, a high-grade material that is upcycled from private sector space program manufacturing.

The new 5.5 x 14” Ultralight Edge™ snare is assembled by hand at the California Custom Shop using the same tried and tested Edge™ construction. It utilizes a carbon weave cylinder fitted precisely over machined aluminum Edge™ rings, creating a high-tech hybrid that delivers brightness, articulation, volume, sensitivity and unique tonality of its own. It can be customized in any of five DW Custom Shop drum hardware color options. The Space Carbon™ center makes this the lightest of all the Edge snares.

The Edge™ snare series also includes the Super Solid™, Reverse™, Top™ and Super-Sonic™ options, giving a wide selection of sounds for the discerning drummer.  All have DW’s characteristic professional-grade features: DW 3.0 steel True-Hoops™, MAG Throw-Off™, 5P (5 position) Butt Plate™, True-Pitch 50™ tuning, True-Tone™ 20-stand snare wires, DW Drum Heads™ by Remo® and a choice of chrome, gold, nickel, black nickel and satin chrome hardware finishes.

The patented DW Edge™ was developed by John Good in 1991 and has become the go-to snare for a generation of drummers. Good comments, “Space Carbon™ has a character all its own and using this in our Edge snare design brings not only a unique tone but has the added benefit of being the lightest snare drum in our Edge range. ”

To find out more about the Ultralight Edge™ and entire DW snare drum range please go to DW Drums distributed in Australia by

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