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The fine people at Eastman Guitars are thrilled to announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership with Bourgeois Guitars, world-renowned manufacturer of high-end, boutique acoustic guitars.

Bourgeois Guitars owner Dana Bourgeois says that the company has been looking for the right opportunity to come along for some time.

“For several years we have been on the lookout for the right partner, and, moreover, one whose core values are closely aligned with those of our own. Today I am pleased to announce, with excitement and pride, that Bourgeois Guitars has entered into a strategic partnership with Eastman Music.”

“Moving forward, I will retain an ownership interest in Bourgeois Guitars and will remain as CEO. Our entire team will continue to produce acoustic guitars of the highest quality in our Lewiston, Maine, workshop. US distribution will continue to be handled through our Lewiston office. Eventually, overseas distribution will be managed by Eastman.”

Eastman Guitars Australia has just launched a new Facebook Page too. You can follow them HERE

Eastman Guitars Australia recently toured the Eastman Guitars facility in Beijing and sent us some snaps of their instruments in various stages of production.


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