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epicAhead of the EJ Whitten Legends football game tomorrow night, the Epic Guitar Solo Challenge has been launched to raise awareness for prostate cancer with funds from the challenge going to the EJ Whitten foundation.

David Loader, host of Channel 31s Guitar Gods and Masterpieces has gathered the support of some of the biggest guitar gods across the world to release the single DON’T YOU TELL ME NOT TO PLAY GUITAR and promote THE EPIC GUITAR SOLO – an international guitar challenge that is raising awareness and funds for the EJ Whitten Foundation and their continued work in raising awareness of Prostate Cancer and Men’s Health.

Superstars Tommy Emmanuel, Joe Satriani, Steve Morse (Deep Purple), Guthrie Govan, Paul Gilbert, Frank Gambale, Alex Hutchings .Chris Cheney, (Living End) Jack Jones , Dave Leslie (BabyAnimals),  Rob Chapman, Brett Garsed and many more (32 in fact from across the world!) have lent their considerable guitar skills to perform on the single DON’T YOU TELL ME NOT TO PLAY GUITAR.

The video of the song ‘Don’t Tell Me Not To Play Guitar’ has so far racked up over 400,00 views through social media.

The release of the single also launches THE EPIC GUITAR SOLO. This international competition gives guitar lovers the opportunity to play alongside some of these guitar legends. “We are hoping that this contest will not only further promote the need for Prostate Cancer awareness but will bring guitar stardom to 8 unknown guitar players from 8 regions of the world by performing in the same song as these megastars,’ said David Loader, creator and producer of the Epic Guitar Solo Challenge.

“There’s no better way to create awareness than to create opportunity”.  We are hoping we can really inspire and empower musicians with this song and contest for prostate cancer. Who wouldn’t want to play on an official song with Tommy Emmanuel and Joe Satriani!?  Our contest mix will be released on 16 12 16 with 8 unknown guitarists performing with more great players from all over the world,” said David Loader.

To find out how to enter, visit

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