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jackbacarachWith Hunters & Collectors’ Australian tour wrapped up and only a New Zealand Rolling Stones support left for the legendary band, trumpet player Jack Howard has already moved on with new projects. Firstly, his long-time side project Jack Howard & The Long Lost Brothers has just released a brand new album, Day of the Dog. Even more intriguing however, is another band Jack¬† put together in late 2012, The Ambassadors of Love who play faithful renditions of Burt Bacharach tunes. The show, entitled THE LOOK OF LOVE – THE SONGS OF BURT BACHARACH AND HAL DAVID features Heather and Marj Michael on flute, violin and vocals, John Berto on guitar, Greg Murray on drums and Australian Musician’s own Rob Walker on bass. The band also occasionally adds Amy Valent Curlis on Orchestral Percussion to further enhance the sound. Swoon to your heart’s content to Bacharach classics such The Look Of Love, Alfie, What The World Needs Now and gems like Close To You, and Anyone Who Had A Heart. The band play the Angelsea Golf Club, Victoria¬† on May 24 and the Yarraville Club on May 30.


Jack Howard, along with Heather (flute) and Marj (violin) Michael, John Berto (gtr), Greg Murray (drums) and Rob Walker (bass) captured here performing Bacharach and David’s What The World Needs Now live at The Flying Saucer club March 2nd, 2013

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