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Earlier this week, Fender Music Australia donated 300 new acoustic guitars to the national Don’t Stop the Music campaign, who will distribute the instruments to disadvantaged primary schools around the country.

The campaign, led by Musica Viva, the Salvation Army and the ABC, aims to promote the transformative effects of music in the classroom. The initiative has been documented in a three-part ABC TV series starring Guy Sebastian.
Fender’s donation at the Musica Viva national office in Sydney was a substantial contribution to the Don’t Stop the Music campaign and reflects the company’s commitment to the Australian music community and providing music education to support these children on their musical journey.

“When I saw Don’t Stop the Music on TV, I instantly knew it was something Fender needed to be a part of,” said Fender Music Australia’s General Manager, Mark Amory. “The best way to help out was to get a bunch of instruments in the kids’ hands and encourage them to make music and enjoy themselves,” he said.
Fender has been an international icon of the music industry for over 70 years, creating instruments used by legendary artists like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Bob Dylan.
“Thousands of students across Australia are missing out on music education, and all the benefits associated with learning music. With the help of generous donations such as this from Fender, Don’t Stop the Music and Musica Viva aim to make a real difference to children’s lives,” Musica Viva’s Director of Education, Colette Vella, said. “Fender’s donation was an outstanding result for Don’t Stop the Music, which has now gathered over 4,000 instruments for Australian schools,” she said.

For more information on Don’t Stop The Music or to make a cash or instrument donation, please visit

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