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Fender has announced a slate of new products from its portfolio of owned and licensed brands, including Jackson®, Gretsch® guitars, EVH® and Charvel® via its second online meeting experience for global dealers. The introductions come as a means to support a growing cohort of pandemic players, songwriters, creators on social media, beginners and, of course, loyal professional musicians. New additions include products across categories – from the striking Jackson Artist Signature Series, powerful Gretsch electrics and new artist collaborations to Charvel’s U.K. artist collaborations and EVH’s powerful amps. Dealers can access these products via a private interactive portal to explore executive and product video, as well as other visuals via an easy-to-follow user interface.

“Coming off of the unprecedented surge in guitar playing in 2020, Jackson, Gretsch, Charvel and EVH continue to deliver innovative, high-quality gear tailored to meet the needs of our customers.” said Jeff Cary, SVP of Specialty Brands at Fender. “Within our portfolio of brands, we have a foundation of authenticity that speaks to a wide range of guitarists across genres. We consistently strive to create products within each brand that sparks creative energy.”

EVH® 5150® Iconic® Amplifiers

Two of the most important and recognizable names in rock ‘n’ roll joined forces in 2005 to develop and launch the EVH® brand of guitars, amplifiers and musical products. Guitar icon Eddie Van Halen combined his unparalleled instinct and innovation in instrument and amp design with the expertise of the craftsmen and engineers at Fender to create some of the highest quality, best sounding and most durable musical instrument products available today.

Designed by renowned amp engineer, James Brown, the never before seen EVH® 5150® Iconic® Amplifiers satisfies the needs of gigging and recording guitarists craving that pure and powerful EVH tube tone, but at a more affordable price. Evolving from the revered EVH 5150III® amplifiers, the Iconic line delivers the searing sound and growling gain that Eddie Van Halen made famous throughout his groundbreaking career. Continuing the tradition of distinctive EVH style, the 5150 Iconic amplifiers launches with an 80W Head, 4×12 Cab and 40W 1×12 Combo – all wrapped in either Black or Ivory textured vinyl with silver and black 5150 and EVH logo badges.

The combo and head both feature two channels with an extra voicing on each for even more versatility. The Green channel boasts an overdrive button to run from lush clean tones to increased gain, while the Red channel’s burn button adds a fiery crunch that’s ideal for blistering leads.

Each channel houses its own gain and volume controls, allowing for level-matching the volume when switching between the clean and high gain channels. The channel two noise gate’s quick attack suppresses any hiss while ensuring all staccato riffing is articulate and crisp, not choked and choppy. The Boost control allows players to add another 10Db of foot switchable volume to their tone – perfect for solos that cut through the mix. The control panel also includes shared EQ (Low, Mid and High), global resonance and presence knobs to adjust the low and high-end tonal aspects, and a global reverb control to add the perfect amount of bounce and decay for any room.

Other features include a two-button footswitch, effects loop, dual parallel speaker output jacks, ¼ power switch to reduce wattage—allowing for cranking the amp and still preserving tone but without destroying the neighborhood solitude, and a speaker-emulated DI XLR with power amp mute for accurate all-tube EVH tone for recording direct or using through any PA system.

Models include:

5150® Iconic® 40-watt 1×12 Combo ($799.99 USD, £799.00, €899.00, $1,599 AUD, ¥ 168,300 JPY) The 5150® Iconic® 40-watt 1×12 combo, is powered by two JJ 6L6 power tubes and voiced with two JJ ECC83S preamp tubes, providing all the firepower the modern guitarist needs. The cabinet is constructed out of MDF with special internal plywood baffling for tight and increased bass response, and houses a custom designed EVH 12” Celestion® speaker voiced specifically for this preamp circuit, so that the pristine cleans and searing high gain tones are tight, clear and articulate.  Available in Black or Ivory with black cloth front grille, control panel on top and silver and black 5150 and EVH logo badges.

5150® Iconic® 80W Head ($899.99 USD, £799.00, €899.00, $1,799 AUD, ¥ 190,300 JPY) The 5150® Iconic® 80W Head is powered by four JJ 6L6 power tubes and voiced with two JJ ECC83S preamp tubes. Available in Black or Ivory, this head features a black steel grille, brushed aluminum front panel and silver and black 5150 and EVH logo badges.

5150® Iconic® 4×12 Cabinet ($499.99 USD, £449.00, €499.00, $999 AUD, ¥ 106,700 JPY) Designed to be paired with the EVH® 5150® Iconic® 80-watt head, the 5150® Iconic® 4×12 straight-front speaker enclosure is the ultimate in power and performance. The cabinet is constructed out of MDF with special internal plywood baffling for tight and increased bass response, and houses four custom designed EVH 12” Celestion speakers voiced specifically for this preamp circuit. The cab also has a ¼” parallel speaker input jack, two recessed side-mounted steel bars and removable EVH pop-out casters. Available in Black or Ivory textured vinyl with black grille cloth and silver and black 5150 and EVH logo badges.

For technical specs, additional information on new EVH products and to find a retail partner near you, visit Join the conversation on social media by following @EVHGear.

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