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62 Princeton – Chris Stapleton Edition

Fender unveiled its first signature artist amp collaboration with Grammy award winning musician Chris Stapleton: the all-new Fender ‘62 Princeton Chris Stapleton Edition amplifier. This is the first artist signature amp ever released by Fender for a country artist. Stapleton remains one of Country music’s favorite artists receiving multiple nominations and awards from the Grammys, CMA Awards, Billboard Music Awards and more. The natural collaboration came together from Stapleton’s love for Fender amps and the ‘62 Princeton amp in particular. Fender set out to recreate and revamp Stapleton’s favourite amplifier not just cosmetically, but also internally and sonically, all kept to the specs of his original find.

Chris’s take on the iconic Fender Princeton amp features a retro aesthetic with rough textured brown vinyl covering and an engraved brass plate with Chris Stapleton’s signature. You can check out Chris Stapleton explaining the story behind the collaboration and his love for the ‘‘62 Princeton amp in the video below. The amp also features a retro-styled Filson™ Rugged Twill fabric cover. Rugged Twill is preferred for its durability and dependability in the field.

As part of the collaboration, Stapleton personally requested all artist royalties be donated to his charity, “Outlaw State of Kind.” OSOK is Chris and Morgane Stapleton’s charitable fund that supports a variety of causes that are close to their heart. The Outlaw State of Kind Fund was founded in 2016 and is administered by the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

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