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Michael Schack-5090
Michael Schack (Belgium)

Australian Musician and the Australian Music Association (the team that brings you the exciting, annual Melbourne Guitar Show) are proud to present the inaugural Sydney Drum and Percussion Show May 27 & 28, 2017 Rosehill Gardens Grand Pavilion. It promises to be an exciting presentation of all things hit. The live performance program will feature some of the world’s best players, as well as a huge array of drum gear. There’ll be orchestral percussion, electronic percussion, drum sets, cymbals, hand percussion and accessories from the major brands you know and love, plus gear you’ve never seen before. There’ll be some tasty home grown and hand made gear too.

In addition to this, the Sydney Drum & Percussion Show will host information seminars, demonstrations, and live performances from Australia’s most talented drummers and percussion players. From double-kick drummers, groove and touch drummers and jazz stylists, to exotic percussion players, orchestral percussionists, and hard hittin’ rock n rollers, they’ll all be at the Sydney Drum & Percussion Show. This is a hands-on show so come and be a part of it. Never been behind a kit before? Here’s your chance. Participate in a drum circle on both days. It will put a smile on your face – guaranteed. Experience the latest electronic drum technology and meet the drummers behind some of your favourite bands. Learn stuff! Take part in Workshops, performance clinics, and panels. And see some of the world’s best players live.

Michael Schack-5119In our first peek at the artist lineup, we are thrilled to announced acclaimed Belgian drummer MICHAEL SCHACK. Over the years, Michael has won several awards, has been nominated for “best clinician/ demonstrator” in international drummer magazine polls and just recently (Feb 2017) received the E-drummer Of The Year award for the third time. He’s also an affiliate instructor on and has contributed to the development of Roland’s V-Drums and E-pads since the early 2000’s.


luciusSince sitting behind a kit for the first time at the age of 3, LUCIUS BORICH has established a reputation as being one of Australia’s finest and most flexible drummers. In 1998, Lucius formed the highly regarded prog rock band Cog, who have gone on to become one of the most successful independent bands. We’re thrilled to have Lucius onboard for the inaugural Sydney Drum & Percussion Show.


LOZZBENSONloAlso announced for the SD&PS is singer, songwriter, band leader LOZZ BENSON. Lozz has played and toured with well-established Sydney acts including Urthboy, Pat Capocci, The Drey Rollan Band, Drummer Queens, The JHD Revival Band, Sirens Big Band and Rackett. Lozz is well known and respected in the Sydney music scene as “That Red Head”. Her old school style rockabilly trio blends blues and country together with a dash of punk attitude. Lozz recently received the AUDW Best Female Drummer Award.


GangbWWe’re also delighted to present the highly acclaimed GANG OF BROTHERS. Led by vibrant drummer, vocalist Buddy Siolo and featuring the amazingly talented brothers Andro, Dauno, Fenix and Banel Martinez, Sydney’s Gang of Brothers offer a cross-genre, musical assault you’re not going to want to miss. With their seriously phat grooves, and culturally diverse rhythms, this band will rock your funky socks off.


 More major artists will be announced in the weeks leading up to the show.

The voice of the Australian music products industry, the Australian Music Association (AMA) will be teaming up with Australian Musician and other media partners such as Beat/Mixdown, Drumscene magazine and Digital Drummer to present an amazing drum-centric weekend. Based on the successful model of the Melbourne Guitar Show, the SD&PS will showcase all that is new and exciting in drums and percussion. The show is dedicated solely to all things percussion and its associated technologies and published materials, the exhibition will showcase all the biggest brands in this fiercely loyal product category, plus names and instruments you don’t see every day in your local music store. Plus there will be some special one-off SD&PS deals available over the weekend.

Describing the exciting developments, SDPS organiser, Rob Walker says, “”We are excited to be able to present the inaugural Sydney Drum & Percussion Show. There’s so much about percussion. It’s the world’s most accessible form of music – people take their first steps in music through percussion. We are excited to showcase our industry’s products and the wealth of local talent that Sydney and Australia has to offer as well as some international guests – we want to grow our drum & percussion community, educate and entertain you.”

If you can hit it, ring it, shake rattle and roll it, it’ll be at the Sydney Drum & Percussion Show

The Sydney Drum & Percussion Show will be held at Rosehill Gardens Grand Pavilion on May 27 & 28, 2017.

SATURDAY MAY 27   10.00am – 6.00pm
SUNDAY MAY 28   10.00am – 6.00pm

Keep an eye on the website for more information as it comes to hand



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