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The Brothers, Angels & Demons with Rose Tattoo show came to The Palms at Crown in Melbourne last night and rocked the house like never before. There was so much oz rock dna on stage that the experience was never going to be innocent!

Rose Tattoo is one of the most influential rock bands to come out of Australia and last night proved that nothing’s changed. Angry Anderson still commands a stage and the music is as threatening as ever. Joining the Tatts’ riffmeister Dai Pritchard on stage were the legendary Bob Spencer on guitar and AC/DC’s original bass player Mark Evans. Add John Watson on drums and you’ve got pub rock in its purest form.

Dave Gleeson out front of The Angels is one of the most enigmatic performers in the country too and does the classic Angels hits proud. Apart from the ever-solid Brewster Brothers, Bob Spencer returned to the stage to lend a hand as well. Even the plush Palms showroom at Crown is not immune to the iconic refrain to Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again. Too much rock n roll is never enough and at Crown last night, the audience witnessed the very best.

Jason Rosewarne was side stage and captured some amazing photos


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