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Gallery: Tash Sultana, Myer Music Bowl March 14, 2019
Photos: Wicked Rock Photography

It seems like only yesterday that Tash Sultana was busking in Melbourne’s Bourke St Mall and just beginning to make some noise with her self-produced YouTube clips, created in her bedroom. It’s mind blowing that in a few short years, having played some of the world’s most prestigious festivals (including Coachella and Lollapalooza), that she returned last night to a triumphant hometown celebration headlining the Myer Music Bowl in front of a sold out audience, which not just included close family and friends, but also both her grandparents.
Her inspiring performance though proved exactly why she has gained such an enormous following worldwide. Tash is the digital age version of the one-person band but rather than having cymbals strapped to her knees and bells tied to her ankles, her magic is generated by what she creates with her loop box, ably supported by the several guitars, keyboards, drum pads, flute and trumpet that she plays so effortlessly. However, it’s not that Tash needs such an arsenal of gear to impress, she is equally outstanding with just an acoustic guitar and voice.

Kudos also to the evening’s openers. The night began with a huge Melbourne welcome to the Sydney based band and Triple J darlings Ocean Alley, who have also had a massive 2018 with no sign of their star fading anytime soon either.

Mark Moray of Wicked Rock photography captured some the action for us last night.

Here’s the video of the gig which was live streamed to Tash’s YouTube channel

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