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maton_ms500-1_georgeJulien’s Auctions in New York City have announced that the 1963 Maton Mastersound Electric Guitar played by George Harrison will be part of their music memorabilia auction at the Hard Rock Café in Times Square NYC on Friday, May 15th and Saturday, May 16th, 2015
This guitar was used by Harrison in the summer of 1963 when he had it on loan from Barratt’s Music Store. According to Andy Babiuk, Harrison’s Country Gent was experiencing problems and brought to Barratt’s in Manchester to be repaired. The Maton was given to Neil Aspinall for Harrison to use while repairs were made. The Country Gent was returned the same day, but Harrison retained the Maton and played it in concert at Margate (July 8 to 13), in Liverpool (August 2), at a photocall at the Cavern (August 3) and when the Beatles played Guernsey, Channel Island (August 6-10). The Maton MS-500 Mastersound guitar with natural finish, tobacco sunburst, two volume and two tone controls, three-way selector switch and Bigsby tremolo.

Other highlights of this very special music auction include: a vintage owned Eric Clapton Gibson SG Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar circa 1962, John Lennon’s bath robe, Jimi Hendrix worn ring, Frank Sinatra’s 1970s–1990s address book, Lady Gaga’s stage worn latex body suit and face mask, and a rare Michael Jackson red face mask.

Join Julien’s for the live auction at The Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square NYC or participate online at on May 15th & 16th, 2015, and take away your piece of music history.

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