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Members of Melbourne’s underground music scene have come out blazing with a vital message for live audiences across the country: ‘Get The Jab’.

Forming a one-off act under the moniker of The Jabz, a motley collection of Melbourne rockers have recorded a humorous, punchy, punk ditty titled ‘Get The Jab’, also creating a light-hearted music video featuring cameo appearances from high profile leaders including Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Capp, The Living End frontman Chris Cheney, lead singer of The Bamboos, Kylie Auldist, cabaret performer Eugene Hamilton, CEO of Live Nation Australia, Roger Field and James Young, owner of Cherry Bar (CBD), Yah-Yahs (Fitzroy) and Hotel Westwood (Footscray).

Written by Luke Bolton, Jake Hills, Dave Ferguson and Benny James Pertzel, who collaborated on the track in between Victoria’s lockdowns, ‘Get The Jab’ was presented by the band to Young, who also helped with some of the lyrics to ensure the message was clear.

‘The Covid vaccine is the gateway drug to concerts, festivals and local gigs!’, says Young, who was also appointed by Lord Mayor Sally Capp and the City of Melbourne as Chairman of the Night Time Economy Advisory Council (affectionately known as the Night Mayor of Melbourne).

Lord Mayor Sally Capp

‘We want everyone, young people in particular, to understand that the only way we are going to be set free from lockdown and be able to host, perform at and attend live music gigs again is to reach government vaccination targets, so we all must Get The Jab!’
The Jabz vocalist and guitarist, Dave Ferguson adds, ‘We hope people will look at the music scene overseas in America and the UK and see how so many getting the jab has re-activated the music scene. Gigs are back in full swing and we need to do the same. We know some people are not on board getting the jab, but like we say in the song, ”It’s up to you”.’
Young also says, “It’s (getting vaccinated) the only way and time is of the essence. I want to spend my summer at festivals and concerts and gigs like we did in 2019. It’s been too long.’

Cherry Bar’s James Young

On filming the music video, Young says, ‘We filmed the clip for “Get The Jab” under Lockdown conditions so these restrictions made it challenging. What’s new?! ‘I hastily contacted some friends of mine who I knew were supportive of the get vaxxed message. The Lord Mayor Sally Capp, Chris Cheney from The Living End, Kylie Auldist from The Bamboos, Eugene Hamilton and Live Nation CEO Roger Field are just some of the people who instantly made themselves available to support this project and this message. These people have all felt the real pain of Lockdowns and yearn for a better future, only possible if we Get The Jab.’

Chris Cheney

And for those wondering who put their hand down the toilet in the clip, Ferguson answers with a wink and a laugh, ‘That could only be one person in this band – Luke Bolton –  Of course, only a bass player would do that!’

‘Get The Jab’ by The Jabz is available now on all streaming platforms. The music clip can be watched live on YouTube.

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