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You’ve all seen or heard about the hit comedy film Wayne’s World, in which Wayne and his friend Garth broadcast a public-access TV show from Wayne’s parents’ basement. You may also know Marc Maron, the American comedian who famously did a podcast called WTF with Marc Maron, from his garage in Highland Park, Los Angeles and featured all kinds of guests including Robin Williams, Lorne Michaels, and President Barack Obama. Here too in Australia there’s a little garage broadcasting going on, more specifically The Muso Channel which operates out of a garage in Melbourne’s outer northern suburbs.

The Muso Channel is the brainchild of drummer Pino Bertolini, who started out broadcasting a show called Drum Talk. After a chat with his friend, instrument repairer and musician, Will Musig, they decided to expand the telecasts and include Guitar Talk, which Will hosts every Wednesday night at 8.30pm. Primarily the Muso Channel is a public radio station but also broadcasts live via Facebook. The recorded shows are then uploaded to YouTube.

“Pino contacted me and asked if I wanted to do a radio show,” explains Will of Guitar Talk’s origins. “Pino said, you have the contacts etc, you know everyone in the industry. So I started Guitar Talk and we’ve done over a dozen or so shows now. On the Muso Channel there’s Drum Talk, Guitar Talk, On The Mic, which is a vocal arts music school teacher promoting her students and introducing other singers. We also have Can-Do Radio, a podcast from Sydney that Pino puts on. The guy that runs it is disabled and he puts disabled musicians on the show. So If we can help out musicians with disabilities, we’ll do it as much as we can.”

Will Musig has been a working musician and instrument repairer for many years and currently has a repair shop set up at GH Music in Flemington. For Will, the Guitar Talk show is a labour of love and something he’s really serious about, even going to the extent of getting some media training from legendary broadcaster John Deeks. Will wants to give a voice to all facets of the industry from stalwart musicians like Joey Amenta, Rob Little and Jeremy Alsop, “who helped set up our industry”, to multi-cultural artists such as Turkish musician Erkan. “I had Erkan come on because I had someone blow out,” said Will. “It was great because I wanted to bring a little Turkish culture to the show. I will bring on Italian musicians, Sudanese anyone, from wherever. They’re all part of our industry and need to be heard.”

So far, Will has hosted shows with local musician identities such as Marcel And Joe Yammouni, Joey Amenta, Marcello Grassi, Tom Baepler, Michael DeLorenzis and Australian Musician editor Greg Phillips. There have also been online gear demos and reviews. Will hope to include some international guests at some point too. And Will’s favourite musician interview so far? “The show that I was most nervous about but the most prepared, was having bass player Jeremy Alsop on because he has done so much and he’s so humble.”
Muso Channel Facebook page
Muso Channel on YouTube

With an international network and global listening platform worldwide, The Muso Channel features regular shows in 2018 including:
Monday nights: Drum Talk radio hosted by Pino Bertolini at 8pm
Tuesday nights: On the Mic hosted by Vocal Art Studios at 8pm
Wednesday nights: Can do radio hosted by Andrew Hewitt at 7pm
Wednesday nights: Guitar Talk hosted by Will Musig at 8pm
AND more special shows and features coming soon including LIVE Jamm at Musicland!

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