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middletonOn the surface, an unusual coupling of artists for a tour. However Darren Middleton, former Powderfinger guitarist and now a respected solo artist in his own right, teams up with acclaimed actor, singer-songwriter Guy Pearce to perform in intimate venues around the country from New Year’s Eve.  “Guy and I met a little while ago, hit it off ridiculously and have decided to do a little run of shows together,” said Middleton of his new tour buddy.

Darren has had a busy year, touring his ‘Translations’ album throughout April and May, followed by some dates with Busby Marou. Pearce has just released “Fly All The Way”, the third radio track from his acclaimed album, “Broken Bones”. Having produced the album himself, Guy says of “Fly All The Way”, “I wanted this song to have a pretty lo-fi – and almost petulant – feel, because it’s about growing up, really; being forced to grow up, or even being stuck at an age and unable to grow up.  It also looks at parents who still have a lot of unanswered immaturity oozing out of them, which contradicts everything they’re trying to “teach” their kids.  Kind of fun, kind of scary … who’s in charge here?”

Darren was once a contributor to Australian Musician. In 2009, Powderfinger guest-edited the magazine just before the release of their final album. A search of Powderfinger on will reveal all of those articles. Middleton has also made the top 50 cut in our Best Singer/Guitarist poll. To vote for Darren, view the poll here.

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