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David Cox (G4VA) on right with appreciative vet on left.

A great new initiative is helping Australian veterans and former members experiencing the effects of PTSD express themselves through the power of music.  Many former ADF members live with the effects of PTSD and the challenges of re-adjustment to normal life long after their service has concluded. To assist, Guitars for Veterans Australia (G4VA) provides veterans with a guitar and a formal lesson plan as an opportunity to learn a new skill and a find a creative outlet or even a new direction.

G4VA is a not-for-profit ACNC charity grassroots team of volunteers that accept donated guitars from the community and provides them to willing veterans, along with a formal ten-lesson plan to help learn how to play the instrument.
By enabling veterans to create music at their own pace and with expert tuition, the program aims to help veterans express their thoughts and experiences through music. Some vets have taken to busking, others are exploring songwriting aspirations, or just sitting on the porch playing guitar with a cup of coffee.

Dave Cox, founder and team leader for the Melbourne based organisation, said “the ability to enable the music potential within a person, particularly a veteran may just open new horizons, ideas and direction for those that served our country. We know how wood and six strings can bring peace”

Guitars for Veterans Australia was established three years ago following the US model G4V.The Australian team has helped over 100 veterans, that is 100 guitars and 1000 lessons. G4VA seeks industry sponsorship support for guitars and lesson funding. So far KC’s Music shop and Yamaha Australia have been amazing and provided some great guitars for veterans.

While managing the repurposing of donated guitars and organising lessons to willing participants is the current goal, G4VA hopes to expand in the long term with forums, jam sessions and song-writing coaching, all of which will provide new opportunities for veterans to express themselves through the power of music.

To support G4VA in donating guitars and funds for lessons, please visit:

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