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For nearly 30 years the family-run business, Bakehouse Studios in Richmond, has provided a home, a place and a voice for our beloved music community. Like many venues and businesses at this difficult time, Bakehouse has had to close their doors for the good of the public health. Around 400 local and international musicians pass through Bakehouse Studios in Richmond every week. For almost 30 years it has been an important piece in Melbourne’s music history; and a secluded haven for musicians. Bakehouse is a place to create. It’s a place for writing music, rehearsing, pre-production for live shows and tours, shooting film clips, taking band photos, making documentaries, recording albums and meeting like-minded people.

“Heart In The Dark is a different kind of fundraiser. It’s centred around hope and a confidence that we will return and returning with us will be everyone that makes Bakehouse Studios the music community hub it is: the bands, artists in residence, the Fellowships, the public art project, the school holiday programs, the music teachers, the freelance producers and engineers, the filmmakers, the showcases, our cherished staff and our community advocacy,” says Bakehouse Studios’ Quincy and Helen

Heart In The Dark is a way of supporting Bakehouse Studios and all of their extended music family through these uncertain times.

How it works:

Whether you’re an artist, a business or an individual music lover, click the Paypal link on the Bakehouse website where you can purchase a gift certificate to an artist of your choice – a way to pay it forward. The gift certificates can then be redeemed in good faith when we reopen our doors.

You can choose to:
• Nominate your favourite band and gift them a voucher to redeem for either a rehearsal in one of our many rooms; recording studio time; or a session in the unique Scrap Museum room to film a live stream or make a video clip
• Ask friends or family to buy your band a Heart In The Dark voucher to use when we reopen
• Support our various Fellowship programs or other social programs we present via the ‘Donate’ button
• Buy a Bakehouse Project Billboard Placement for a visual artist to exhibit on our busy Hoddle St wall
(by application: please email all billboard enquiries to

Melbourne is a renowned music city, and Bakehouse Studios is at its beating heart. With your support, the music will play again.
Pay it forward with a Heart In The Dark voucher at

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