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Hussy Hicks at Wesley Anne by Jason Rosewarne

In an exciting follow-up to their recent success, the Hussy Hicks are thrilled to release the third single ‘Sundial’ from their acclaimed album, Swimming in Uncertainty.

Written during a breathtaking yacht voyage from the Greek Isles to Istanbul, ‘Sundial’ captures the essence of freedom and adventure that characterised the band’s first international journey post-COVID. This playful, light-hearted track contrasts the more emotionally charged compositions previously penned by the band, offering a refreshing glimpse into their dynamic creative spirit.

The new album Swimming in Uncertainty has made a spectacular debut, securing the #1 spot on the ARIA Jazz and Blues Charts and#16 on the ARIA Album Charts. It has also clinched the #1 position on the AIR Charts and debuted on the AustralianBlues & Roots Airplay Charts in March at #3. This success comes without the aid of mainstream streaming services, a bold move that has clearly resonated with fans.

Swimming in Uncertainty showcases a blend of blues and southern rock, each track layered with emotional depth and musical complexity. Highlights include ‘Fool on the Hill’ and ‘Light a Candle’, the only tracks currently available on streaming platforms, and other gems like ‘Ain’t it a Shame’ and ‘He Knows’ that demonstrate the band’s versatile and heartfelt storytelling.

In defiance of industry norms, the Hussy Hicks have eschewed digital streaming platforms (DSPs), opting instead to engage directly with their audience through sales at live shows and their official website. This strategy not only fosters a closer connection with their listeners but also ensures that the artists receive a fair share of the revenue, a testament to their commitment to nurturing a sustainable music ecosystem.

The album is available for purchase in both physical and digital formats directly from the band, with a unique approach to its release. Fans eager for new music have overwhelmingly chosen to buy directly rather than wait for monthly single releases on streaming services.


5 May – Way Out West Roots Music Club, Williamstown VIC
16 May – Blues on Broadbeach QLD
2 June – Brisbane Blues Cruise QLD
7 June – Tanks Art Centre, Cairns QLD
8-9 June – BMUP Picnic, Rossville QLD
23 August – Gympie Music Muster QLD
6 September – Wauchope Arts Hall NSW
13-15 September  – Mitchell Creek Rock N Blues Fest QLD

Information and Tickets –

Jason Rosewarne caught the band at Wesley Anne on Friday night and took some fabulous shots.

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