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IBANEZ ES3 ECHO SHIFTER featuring Yvette Young

Musician, painter and guitarist for Covet, Yvette Young checks out the Ibanez ES3 Echo Shifter.

Ibanez is pleased to present the new ES3 Echo Shifter. The pedal is equipped with both analog and digital delay modes. The analog setting provides a warm, natural tone with a delay time of between 40ms and 600ms, and unlike other digital pedals which simply simulate analog delay, the ES3 is equipped with actual analog circuitry. The digital mode offers longer delay times all the way up to 1500ms. The ES3 is currently the only pedal on the market which provides the choice between true analog and digital delay in one pedal.

Unlike the ES2, where the Oscillation function needed to be engaged by hand using a mini toggle switch, this same function can be engaged simply by stepping on and holding the right footswitch. This allows for quickly changing the quality and texture of the delay mid-performance. The pedal carries over the fader delay time control, delay tap switch, as well as oscillation and modulation modes from the ES2. The combined result of these upgrades is a more usable pedal with greater tonal versatility and enhanced musical potential.

•Controls: Mix, Feedback, Depth, Speed, Delay Time
•Switches: Effect on/off, Tap/Oscillation on (press and hold), Analog/Digital, Modulation On/Off, Inst/Line
•I/O’s: Input, Output Input is on the right side. Output is on the left side.
•Delay time: Analog 40ms – 600ms, Digital 40ms – 1500ms
•Size: 116(W) x 153(D) x 57(H) (mm)
•Size: 4.6(W) x 6.0(D) x 2.3(H) (inch)
•Power Consumption: 200mA@9V
•Power Supply: External DC 9 volt AC adapter

Ibanez distributed in Australia by Australis Music Group


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