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Jon Gomm is an English acoustic singer-songwriter with a revolutionary virtuoso guitar style, where he uses a single acoustic guitar to create drum sounds, bass lines and twisting melodies all at the same time. His live shows combine deeply personal, emotive performances and a natural wit, with a once seen, never forgotten two-handed guitar style, both physical and complex, producing sounds people can barely believe are coming from a humble acoustic guitar.

Jon first laid his hands on a guitar at the age of two (actually, it was a ukulele – his parents couldn’t find a guitar small enough). He wrote his first song at the age of six, and was soon accompanying his father, a music critic, to gigs in his hometown of Blackpool. Touring musicians would often stay at the Gomm household on the proviso that young Jon would get a guitar lesson, meaning he had one-on-one instruction from blues legends like BB King and Jack Bruce of Cream.

Nowadays, Jon has his found his own fame with his unique performance style. To date he has recorded three solo albums and has toured full-time since 2004.

Jon is a truly and fiercely independent artist, with his own label and no mainstream industry support, but using mostly online social networks for promotion, he has defied the odds with a huge, truly supportive fanbase resulting in headline tours worldwide. His videos on YouTube have been watched by millions, captivated by remarkable talent as a guitar player and performer.

In 2020, Jon teamed up with Ibanez to work on his dream guitar, and 2021 sees the release of the highly-anticipated signature acoustic guitar, the JGM10.

Famous for his percussive acoustic playing style, Jon Gomm’s signature collaboration with Ibanez showcases a premium design that is suitable for professional guitarists. Boasting a sleek black satin design and a stunning 5-piece neck, this impressive guitar offers comfortable playability that is ideal for both recording and live shows. The guitar’s Asymmetrical Jumbo body is made up of a Thermo Aged solid Sitka spruce top and solid pau ferro back and sides and has been designed to enhance the acoustic properties of the instrument to deliver the big bass tones Gomm wanted. The body also maximizes the guitar’s surface area for the percussive elements of his fingerstyle playing.

Smaller details have not been overlooked, with the 45mm nut width being specifically chosen to create more space between the strings and allow for precise access – a critical element for the modern fingerstyle guitar. Combined with an authentic onboard Fishman Preamp and pickup system, and you are left with an acoustic vibrance that is simply breathtaking. T

The first Jon Gomm Signature Model JGM10 is available in Australia in April 2021, RRP$5,299. Ibanez is distributed in Australia by Australis Music Group

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