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You see news of available grants all of the time. You know you badly need the funding but where do you even start to apply?

You think, well it’s always the same people who are successful anyway… but maybe there’s a reason for that!

Formally launching today is Golden Grants, a new grant funding consultancy service founded by Lorrae McKenna (Our Golden Friend). WEBSITE HERE.

Boasting twenty years of music industry experience and acumen in successful applications for grants, awards and fellowships within Australia, Golden Grants work to demystify, streamline and educate their clients in sourcing potential funding opportunities for creative projects.

“I’m very excited to be launching Golden Grants into the world officially today.” shares McKenna. “Grant consulting and grant writing services are something we have offered under the banner of Our Golden Friend for the last 18 months to select external clients and I’m really happy to now be able offer this service to a larger group of clients and have Golden Grants become its own separate entity.”

Taking the consuming and confusing nature of grants away, their formula is simple: understanding your individual needs and ideas to articulate the niche of album, tour, writing trip, music video, single release projects – any creative ambition in mind – to set your idea apart and secure successful funding.

Golden Grants give back time and creative autonomy to their clients by offering a stream of consultancy tiers, from seeking out prospective opportunities to the written submission and management of successful applications across a variety of time frames.

Operational on the core value of uplifting music industry and creative professionals (across a myriad of career levels and project scales), Golden Grants is a service that bridges any gaps in accessibility to give effective advice that empowers their clientele – support that doesn’t gate-keep.

“I want Golden Grants to be a gateway for creatives to help them gain the funding they need to get their brilliant ideas off the ground,” McKenna continues. “I hope to provide a platform that makes funding opportunities more accessible to everyone and to help people successfully navigate the creative funding opportunities available in Australia.”


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