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THE KNOWING. L to R: Lucius, Cail, Trizo
THE KNOWING. L to R: Lucius, Cail, Trizo

Introducing The Knowing, a Sydney based trio featuring members of Australia’s most respected and beloved heavy rock outfits. On guitars, there’s Trizo (Thousand Needles in Red), Lucius Borich on drums (Cog), vocalist Cail Boroni (Tread), and for the band’s initial recording sessions, Glenn Esmond (Butterfly Effect) came in and laid down some monster bass lines.

A debut single ‘Haunted By Me’ delivers everything you would expect from such regal Australian heavy rock lineage. Behind it’s powerful rock beat and melodic soundscape, ‘Haunted By Me’ conveys a vital message. As always, Trizo, Lucius and Cail wear their social and environmental hearts on their sleeves as they tell a tale of earthly neglect and destruction from Mother Earth’s perspective.

“I’m very excited about the release of The Knowing,” says guitarist Trizo. ” To work within a band that pushes you as a human just as much as it does as an artist, is truly refreshing. The Knowing is a reminder to question and seek answers for your own beliefs. I have nothing but respect for my band mates, spiritually and musically”

“The Knowing flows along a holistic approach, retaining the value of the artistic imagination and keeping it a scarred moral part of the being human,” adds Lucius. “These songs have integrity, will and passion. I’m very grateful to be a part of them.”

Rather than deliver a full album of material all at once, ‘Haunted By Me’ will be the first in a string of singles to be released by The Knowing in quick succession.

All three permanent members have been around long enough to know what they want to play, who they want to play with and the spirit in which they want to play it. It’s that ‘knowing’ which has the guys excited to be unveiling their new project to music fans globally.

“The Knowing is the most honest music I have ever been a part of,” says Cail in summary. “A true reflection of the band’s desire to transcend genre and take on the world!”

The single “Haunted By Me’ will be available on May 14th via

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