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riffaxeleratorJason Becker, who was signed to the prestigious Shrapnel Records label at just 16,  was integral to the neo-classical guitar movement through the 80s with playing and compositional skills which defied his age. Following his Shrapnel releases, Jason went on to replace Steve Vai as David Lee Roth’s guitarist. Sadly around this time, he was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and over a tragically short period of time, Jason lost the ability to play, later losing body movement and his ability to speak.

Caring for Jason is ongoing and expensive and to assist, the folks at Riff Axelerator are contributing to Jason’s care via sales of their product. You can learn Jason Becker licks while contributing to support his care. How cool is that?

12 renowned instructors have come together to teach some of Jason’s most revered licks from his album Perpetual Burn. These licks and tabs are licenced and presented through an innovative guitar teaching application called Riff Axelerator, which gets faster while you play along.

With a minimum donation of $10 (USD), you’ll receive access to the entire pack.

This campaign hopes to relieve the Becker Family of some of the expenses, while continuing to celebrate his incredible playing.

A testament to the reach of Jason’s influence and the special place he holds for players from all over the world can be seen in the global community of guitarists involved in this fundraiser. Educators include Dave Kilminster, Ben Higgins, Sam Bell, Jamie Humphries (UK), Chris Buono (US), German Schauss (Germany), Gustavo Assis (Brazil), Jonas Tamas (Hungary), James Ryan & Simon Hosford, Jon Beckx (Australia) and Richie Allan (New Zealand)

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