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Any die-hard Australian indie rock ‘n’ roll fan might want to make their way to Melbourne this weekend to honour three local guitar legends. Melbourne’s Leaps and Bounds Music Festival proudly presents the Living Legends series across three consecutive nights honouring three renowned Melbourne based musicians with worldwide reputations. They rarely receive the attention they duly deserve and the lack of commercial expectation has allowed them to continue to grow creatively and produce music on their own terms, inspiring and mentoring other musicians. All three regularly gig in various Melbourne venues, usually to a much smaller crowd than they deserve but that is not why they do it.  Leaps & Bounds salutes Kim Salmon, Spencer P Jones and Charlie Owen.

It is a coincidence that the three are or have been guitarists in the Australian super-group the Beasts of Bourbon, each player has been prolific for over 30 years and have an incredible musical catalogue. The three shows will be take place at the Tote Hotel in Collingwood over one weekend, Friday 11th, Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th July.

Each night will have a focus on one of the ‘living legends’:

First up is Kim Salmon on Friday 11th July with a cool cast of musicians playing from his catalogue which includes the Scientists, Kim Salmon & the Surrealists, Antenna, the Business, the Darling Downs, Salmon and Beasts of Bourbon. The Scientists, formed by Kim Salmon in the late 70s, are considered precursors of grunge.

Saturday 12th July sees interstate musicians, peers, young bands and some of his own band members on the Tote’s stage in appreciation of Spencer P Jones.  The music of the Johnnys, Beasts of Bourbon, Hell to Pay, as well as Spencer P Jones with the Last Gasp, Cow Penalty, the Escape Committee and the Nothing Butts will be performed.

The final night, Sunday 13th July is all about Charlie Owen, one of Australia’s most revered guitarists and wingmen. The live showcase of Owen’s career includes material by Louis Tillet & His Cast of Aspersions, the New Christs, the Divinyls, the Working Class Ringos, Tex, Don & Charlie, Tendrils, the Dark Horses, Beasts of Bourbon and more.

The honoured musicians themselves will not be performing on the night – but they will be there.
With Gareth Liddiard, Mick Harvey, Dan Kelly, Caroline Kennedy, Brian Hooper, Penny Ikinger, Tex Napalm, Machine Translations, the Bulls, Midnight Scavengers, Marilyn Rose and the Thorns, Teenage Libido, the Braves and many more to be announced.

The Living Legends Series at the Tote, 71 Johnston St, Collingwood. Presented by Leaps and Bounds Music Festival, PBS FM and Beat.
Tickets are $25 for each night or $60 for all three.


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