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After being invited to play the Anaheim Marriot stage as part of the prestigious NAMM music trade show in 2013, Aussie singer and guitar slinger Lloyd Spiegel has since become somewhat of a regular there. Once again, Lloyd will take to the Marriot stage on January 24th at 3pm for a forty minute set. We’ve heard that three gigs in a row at the Marriot for NAMM is something of a record. In 2013, Spiegel attracted a large crowd, which was intrigued to hear his unique finger picking style. Even guitar great George Benson stopped in his tracks to check Lloyd out. Spiegel’s performs a dual role at NAMM. Not only is he promoting his music but also the Cole Clark guitars which he endorses. In addition to playing the Marriot, Lloyd can be found at the Cole Clark exhibit extolling the virtues of the finely crafted Australian made instruments. If you’re heading to NAMM this year, check Lloyd out. Also check out this link to an interview AM’s Greg Phillips did with Lloyd after his 2013 Marriot performance, courtesy of the


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