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The Magnatone Super 59 M-80 is the modern incarnation of the classic Magnatone, which incorporates the gain stages and tone stacks of Magnatone’s Super Fifty-Nine MKI and MKII models

Cosmetically striking in its black levant with white satin grill cloth, edged by piping and sleek and luxurious, the Super 59 oozes style and fashion. A pair of EL34’s and a GZ34 rectifier form the basics of this rock and roll machine. Two independent channels; normal and vibrato allow you to choose your voice and mood for the evening

Celebrating Magnatone’s 80th anniversary, this super-versatile 45-watt, EL34-driven brute gives you the low- and medium-gain tonal range of the MKII and lets you access, via a front-panel switch or external footswitch (sold separately), the additional gain stage found in the MKI when you need that additional nudge.

Black levant with white satin grill cloth
Normal and Vibrato Channels
Rock and Roll machine

Tube compliment: (5) 12AX7, 12AU7, 12DW7 (2) EL34, GZ34
Inputs: High and Low Sensitivity
Power output: 45 Watts push-Pull Class AB
Treble: 14 dB range as 2 kHz
Mid: 10dB range at 900 Hz
Bass: 12dB range at 60 Hz
Presence: 8 dB range at 5 kHz
Vibrato: True pitch Shifting Stereo Varistor. 2 stage design as original 280. Switchable to conventional tremolo
Dimensions : 10 x 26 x 8.5 inches (25 x 65 x 21.25 cm)
Weight : 34 lbs ( 15.5 kg)

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